About Company

Cryoablation is the use of freezing temperatures to ablate tissue and/or nerves to treat/cure various medical conditions/diseases.

CryoMedix LLC is a medical device company that has identified, developed, tested and filed patents for a new approach to the creation of cold and several other distinct components that compose its new cryoablation platform technology for use in the medical field. The Company’s technology is considered to be superior to the other ablation technologies (heat or cold) currently in the marketplace due to its superior clinical safety/risk profile, significant power, speed, ease of use and low cost. The technology has the capability to address a number of multi-billion dollar markets that have unmet clinical needs or are underserved by current devices. It is the company’s intention to create separate companies to commercialize each major market. With the capabilities of the technology demonstrated through comparative testing and animal studies, the Company is beginning the commercialization phase.