Bill Nydam MBA, CPA; Co-Founder, President and CEO, has over 30 years of leadership experience in healthcare. He has started several companies, turned around several companies, was the President of Endocare, a publically traded cryoablation company and managed a venture capital fund. He has created several billions of dollars of shareholder value in his career to date.

Peter Littrup MD; Co-Founder, Chief Medical Officer, is a Professor of Radiology, Urology and Radiation Oncology, at Wayne State University; the Director of Imaging and Radiological Research, and Director of Interventional Radiology/Oncology at Karmanos Cancer Institute. Peter has authored numerous articles on cryoablation and is a serial inventor.

The following individuals are leading the respective separate companies:

Hypertension: CryoMend Inc. - Steve Thomson, CEO (Biosensors, Vivant, Tyco, Pfizer)

Atrial fibrillation: CardioCryo Inc. - Jeffrey Thiel, CEO (Devax, Radiance Medical Systems)

Women’s Health: CryoFem Inc. – CEO selection in process.

Dermatologic and plastic surgery: CryoFinesse Inc. – CEO selection in process. Chief Medical Officer - Alan D Widgerow MD (MBBCh; MMed; FCS; FACS); 25 years of experience in the plastic surgery/aesthetic market including 20 years in private cosmetic surgical practice.

Barrett’s esophagus: CryoGI Health, Inc. - Michael Andrews, CEO (MicroIslet, Serologicals, Ancile, Genentech)